Just had my first Gyokuro. I think I'm in love. I recall watching a YouTube video of Mei Leaf brewing Gyokuro in a unique way. I recently saw where two of my IG tea friends (@Nuev_Order and @Madhatterteadrunk) tried Gyokuro using this method and they both inspired me to try it as well. Like all gyokuro type of green tea, this green tea is produced with the first harvest young tea leaves that has the max vitamin, mineral and antioxidant contents. It's on my list to try from Mei Leaf but the … Was helping my Grandma pack to move so I didn't get to appreciate the sample from Mei Leaf like I should have. I brewed some Gyokuro according to a Mei Leaf video where he let the tea sit for 14 minutes in room temp water. It turned out fantastic! The pinnacle of teaware for any lover of Gyokuro Japanese Green tea. They have some … This Shiboridashi clay teapot is a joy to brew with. ... Gyokuro is probably Japan's most highly valued loose leaf Green tea. Thick, rich, smooth and flavorful. How's the Gyokuro from Mei Leaf? Accessibility Help. First infusion was thick like a savoury vegetable broth - delicious! Anyone have a good place to buy a good gyokuro … Gyokuro … Mei Leaf's markup is actually pretty standard and decent for a western tea shop, considering the grades and probable sources of some of the teas I know from there. Simple perfection. Sections of this page. I have no doubt that it's a quality product, but would you say it's good in terms of quality for the price compared to other vendors? Sep 16th, '20, 23:58 Yixing Clay Teaware New to loose leaf tea … Sep 18th, '20, 17:18 Green Tea Is it possible to remove light scratches from yixing pot? I've not tried these three … Subsequent infusions are lighter, but still have amazing flavour." Buying high quality Matcha and Gyokuro ? An example is their gyokuro. With my recent Mei Leaf … Mei Leaf is here to transform your relationship with tea and ignite a passion that will change your life. It has a very unique flavor with a very sweet and mellow gyokuro taste. Savoury but with a sweeter, brighter... Jump to. I bought some in Singapore for S$50/50g; a random one I selected on Yunomi is US$10/10g and Mei Leaf's is GBP29.50/50g, which is comparable. ... Houjicha, and Gyokuro (which I only … ***NEW JAPANESE TEA*** This is a brighter and more lemony Gyokuro cultivar with that requisite Umami depth. ... MEI LEAF… "Very intense flavour!

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